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Self Torque - No Rest Single Cover
Self Torque - Impending Sense of Doom EP Cover
Self Torque - No Rest for the Depressed EP Cover

If you like rock that's low slung, scuzzy, and packed with the kind of energy that makes nuclear reactors seem a bit shit then look no further than Self Torque!


Gabriel A. Pentin has been a stalwart of the South Coast DIY punk scene for many years, playing guitar in groups like Haters and El Morgan’s band The Divers.


Gabriel launched Self Torque in early 2023 with the release of 'Impending Sense of Doom'. Also known for fronting post-hardcore outfit ÜNHANG, Gabriel uses their experience to weave a searing punk essence into Self Torque’s direction and sound offering of indie-pop sensibility.

Inspired by Tom Petty, Hot Snakes, and Against me, and described as a cross between Green Day, Placebo, and Ash, what's not to love!

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Self Torque Promo 2

"Elements of indie, alternative, garage, and punk rock all come together here, and Self Torque shines brightly by being able to blend these elements with their own sound to leave listeners with a refreshing style"
Havoc Underground

"Introduced by furious riffing and twisting drum fills, ‘No Rest’ wastes no time in useless preambles. There’s no rest here; the record jumps into all-out, cathartic indie rock, while navigating towards harder garage and alt influences.".
- Mezmerized

Self Torque Promo 3
Self Torque Promo 1

"A pulsating sonic declaration that captures the essence of relentless hooks, highlighting a profound understanding that catchiness is paramount".

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