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No See Ums


No See Ums / Flags Single Cover
No See Ums / Elephants at The Airport Album Cover
No See Ums / Weekend Single Cover

Following the sometimes controversial early successes of singer-songwriter Callum Johnstone with tracks Wee Submarine and Sensible Centrist, there came a time for an evolution, a ramping up of energy, and the formation of the new cabal.


Stepping into the fray to join Callum (aka Phil) in this new incarnation came pawn shop bassist Jax, and tubthumping powerhouse Nick. Combining Callum’s knack for satire and social commentary No See Ums combines folk and punk with devastating effect. 


Now sounding like Frankenstein's child of Dead Kennedys and Siouxie and the Banshees, No See Ums music tells stories of the modern world, personal experience, and sometimes a load of made-up shit for your listening pleasure!

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the British outfit throws it back to a careless, spontaneous era, in stark contrast with an industry that’s ever more clinical and measured".
- Mezmerized

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"The gritty, snotty, and wrangly garage rock of mid-70s New York. The power, the immersion, and the energy. No See Ums, channel this epoch, scrolling through its library and its history.
- Good Music Radar

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"Elements of Punk, Garage Rock, and straight-up Rock n Roll all make a presence here. The band shines brightly by being able to blend all of these styles into one killer sound that will leave you wanting more".
- Havoc Underground

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