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Ella Hayes

Ella Hayes - Colour Me In - EP Cover
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Ella Hayes was born in East London to a musical family and went to her Dad's gigs from an early age, singing and performing were just bred into her. At just 6 years old Ella taught herself to play guitar and wrote her first song.


Growing up she faced many challenges and, in her late teens, began to battle with addiction.


Ella fought hard to live a normal life and managed to function for many years until it finally brought her to her knees. She lost everything and became homeless. By the grace of a higher power, Ella finally found recovery.


Today Ella's life is very different. she is happy, clean and sober, and has a life beyond her wildest dreams.

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"An immediate reminiscence of Amy Winehouse is heard from the first chord, only to be enhanced with Hayes’ intoxicating vocals".
 - The Other Side

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"The pop-rock orchestral layers set the perfect tone for her candour, which leaves few stones unturned around the epiphanous lyrics".
- A&R Factory

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"Ella Hayes lays down a stunning artistic work".
- Plastic Magazine

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