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Some trees all wrapped up in plastic


Simon's distinctive sound blends a plethora of genres and influences, creating something which, once heard, is impossible to forget. 

“I guarantee, once you see me play live, you’ll remember all of my songs. Well, at least two of them.” – SD

In his own words, Dinwiddy describes his music as a mix of indie, rock, pop, and grunge, all served over the counter of a pie and mash shop. He fondly remembers the joy of playing guitar when he was a young boy, of listening to Michael Jackson, and then in his teenage years discovering Kurt Cobain. 

Starting off his music career in the band The Indicators, Dinwiddy quickly rose to national recognition on the release of their single “£1.99”. With an album in the pipeline and too many songs to choose from, Dinwiddy has released a number of singles as a solo artist, “Round the Bend”, “Away Boy” and “You Are Free”.

Mischievous yet perceptive, with a touch of the absurd, his lyricism conveys a real sense of joy and freedom; of a life well lived and lessons hard won. His eccentric voice and multi-instrumentalism bring it all together to create music that leaves a deep impression. 

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