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Mishkin Fitzgerald is best known for her role as lead singer and pianist in the British Rock band, Birdeatsbaby. However, as a solo performer, she plays darkly tinged-piano ballads and melancholic alt-pop tunes.

The daughter of a church minister and a maths teacher, the young singer was influenced heavily by classical piano music, opera, and the music introduced to her by her jewish Grandmother. Later alternative artists such as Nick Cave, Patti Smith and Kate Bush helped Mishkin develop her own unique sound that is distinctive, fragile, and unapologetic.

In 2021 Mishkin came to Not Saints with the new solo/collaborative project Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils - an alternative mix of klezmer folk, punk, and rock. With the release of 'Graces Cradle' in 2022, Mishkin and company are now taking to stages UK wide

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"A beautiful and immersive album that showcases Mishkin's talent as a musician, songwriter, and vocalist. The album seamlessly blends various contemporary genres, creating a sound that’s unique and captivating".
- Plastic Magazine

"Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils is a brand-new band that gathers ace musicians who offer an organic blended sound where the finest punk, rock, and folk meet".
- Rockera Magazine

"From the very first note, all the instrumentation delighted me, and the singers’ charming ode captivated me to the very core!"
- Illustrate

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