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Milky spent much of his youth living with various family members after his mother passed away and his father was left unable to care for him. A rebel from a young age, Milky struggled to find somewhere to settle.


In this difficult time, music was a big part of his life. Milky was fostered by the family of a school friend, and this friend introduced Milky to rap music and encouraged him to try writing some lyrics. He started listening to iconic artists like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Eminem, and related so much to their lyrics that he was instantly hooked.


All Milky wanted to do was make music. But, by his late teens, alcohol had become a fixture in his life. It helped to numb problems like anxiety and trauma. While his friends grew out of the party lifestyle, he didn’t. As addiction worsened, Milky realised he couldn’t stop himself. His mental health was in decline and he needed help, and checked himself into rehab.


Now sober Milky is constantly creating, with a non-stop flow of ideas and lyrics. With an eclectic and free-flowing style that’s inspired by modern artists like Ocean Wisdom, Slowthai, and Skinnyman, as much as it’s inspired by 90s hip hop legends, Milky strives to reflect his real life and experiences in his music. He writes about the things he’s seen and the things he’s been through, taking ideas from anything and everything around him and letting the beats guide the lyrics.


Milky can’t wait to share his music with an audience now that he’s in a better place than he’s ever been.

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