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Stepping out from his studio after spending a little while meandering through the streets of Paris, Little Tealeif has returned to Kent with a focus: to make gritty and intricate electropop.


Playfully sober lyrics, underlined by subtle dance grooves, are woven together with threads of indie guitar - Tealeif might not be too out of place on a bill with Hot Chip or Metronomy.


The multi-genre musician has had several different projects over the years while periodically backed by musicians. However, he is ultimately a solitary creator of music and is moving forward with his brand of "new wave" as well as producing underground beats for UK rappers.


Building up to the release of his debut EP through Not Saints, Little Tealeif is currently preparing and curating his live set with a view to perform several spring/summer 2022 shows.


  • 30th April - SxBxR - Garden Cafe, Brighton

  • 29th July - SxBxR - Unitarian, Brighton

  • 30th Sept - SxBxR - Brusnwick, Brighton

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