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Delta Sun

If you like rock that's low slung, scuzzy, and packed with the kind of energy that makes nuclear reactors seem a bit shit then look no further than Delta Sun!


Formed in Brighton in the spring of 2019 Delta Sun comprise Chris G (Vocals) and Chris D (Bass). These two bandmates met through a mutual (if juxtaposed) love of indie, rock, and alternative music. The two Chris's are joined by Italian brothers Mattia and Lorenzo Fenu (Drums and Lead guitar respectively) who found in the two British musicians a passion for music that mirrored their own.

Having played just a handful of shows and releasing two singles, Delta Sun were forced into a year long hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally re-entering the rehearsal rooms in Spring 2021 with a new vigour and a new drive. After a change up in writing duties the band elected to abandon much of their original material and they embarked on a darker heavier journey that now sees them playing riff soaked alternative that will put a smile on any rock fans face. 

Sonically Delta Sun fuse elements of punk, indie, rock, grunge, and hard rock, and have been described as “a simmering cauldron of mangled influences that just keep hurtling at you like an explosion in a record store.”

  • 26th - 29th May 22 - Rise Up Festival, KENT. 
  • 24th June 22 - SxBxR, Brunswick, BRIGHTON
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