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Daffodildos - No Pride Single Cover


Daffodildos promo 1
Daffodildos - Not my Cup of Tea ep cover


On a three-person mission to disrupt your cis-het-patriarchal normality and make you question everything you think you know about 21st-century life, Daffodildos is as much a battle cry as a band!


Formed, by front person Emily Flea, formerly of The Fleas in 2021, and Captain Jax of No See Ums, the duo began writing about the issues that mattered to their community most and started making a big noise together immediately.

Having already known each other for several years and sharing a similar ethos, they contacted drummer Anni Von Flange, formerly of Boot Sale/Vanilla Giver, and cemented the Daffodildos line-up.


The trio of neuro-diverse queer punks write about a variety of social issues such as animal rights, queer liberation, and oppression within the punk scene.


Daffodildos has quickly become the must-see new faces in UK punk, having made multiple festival appearances and now releasing their first single and debut EP they are ones to watch.

Daffodildos promo 2
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"The music is as bad as the band name"
- Anonymous, Youtube.

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"Very catchy to these ears. They play melodic old school punk rock with up to date lyrics and are definitely fun to watch"
- Sonny Tyler, B&H News.

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"Not my cup of tea"
- Rat boy

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